Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby check-up and Hospital Tour!!

So today we had our first 4 week check-up! It was a long wait to see the doctor and a super quick appointment. The nurse checked my blood pressure and then we got to hear the baby's heartbeat! :) (that's our favorite) After that the doctor came in to see if we had an questions and then wrote us a referral for our gender ultrasound at the Perinatal Center. Our appointment is Thursday, June 2nd!! WHooHOOO!! So soon! We will attend the ultrasound but will not find out the sex of the baby. We are going to have the ultrasound tech write it and seal it in an envelope for us. We are giving it to two people, who will not be named so that no one tries to get it out of them, and we will find out two days later with family and friends at Sam's birthday party. Happy birthday daddy! We are so excited to find out what our little bundle of joy is! :)
 After our doctor visit we had dinner in Whittier with our friends Ann, Dan and their little one Alexis. Crepes and Grapes! It was yummy. Ann will be delivering her second baby in August at Whittier Intercommunity Hospital. We thought that since we are going to be delivering at the same place that it would be fun to do the hospital tour all together. So after dinner we headed to the hospital. It was a short tour but it was nice to see where we go to check in, the labor and delivery rooms, and the postpartum rooms. It's a very nice hospital and the labor and delivery rooms are HUGE!! We also liked that he maternity wait room was HUGE as well. We had a lot of family and it was nice to know that they have the room for them. In the waiting room they even has movies playing all day and night. When we were in there the screen said that Dinner for Schmucks was scheduled to start at 7pm. Lol The tour nurse also informed us of something that this hospital likes to do called "The Golden Moment". This is a period of one hour right after the baby is born that they do not allow visitors to see mom and baby. During this time they encourage that mommy and daddy bond with their new little one. I love this idea! I havent had a baby yet, but I am sure that things get a little hectic, and we are looking forward to this "Golden Moment" this our little bundle of joy! 
 Well I am 17 weeks now... baby is about the size of my open hand. It's so excited to read about the weekly development that is happening inside me. We continue to pray and ask you to join us in prayer for a healthy baby and delivery! Thanks for all of your love and support!


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