Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Makenna's Nursery!

Soo since I am behind on my blogging I just realized that I never posted about her nursery. Well its complete for the most part and she has been sleeping in her own room since she was about 7 weeks old. Such a big girl! :) Well Sam and I could not decide on a theme... he wanted this.. I wanted that... So after lots of back and forth we decided that we would do something very gender neutral. We painted a dark gray and would accent with yellow! I would get to add in my own touches a bit too! I was soo excited :) Well once we had decided this I had trouble finding bedding that find our color scheme. Well my best friends mom heard about our problem and offered to make me my crib skirt and matching window hangings!! I got to go pick out my fabric and this was her baby shower gift to us! It was perfect. Well... here it is :)

                                the right side of her room...
               changing table was from a friends yard sale... we sanded and repainted them.
 this dresser used to be my little bros. It was passed down to our cousins who were done with it... soo we got it, sanded it, and painted it :)
                      the crib was a gift from my mom and dad (grammy and grandad) 
                                adorable ruffle crib skirt made my Patty Leach 
left side of the room. Shelves, book shelf and rocker from a good friends yard sale... The cushions on the rocker were also made for me to match the room. Kinda hard to see but the window coverings are also ruffled and match the crib skirt :)

It was kind of a DIY room and we enjoyed getting each little piece ready for our little lady!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Birth Story and Life!!

Wow! It has been forever since I blogged and I miss it! Looking back my last entry was when I was 39 weeks... just a few days before our little bundle of joy entered the world! Well I thought that I would back track and start with my birth story and work my way from there!! :)
  On Thursday October 20th I had by 37 week doctors appt. At this visit he told me that I was 3cm and 80% effaced. WOW!! What??!?! I know you can stay at that for a while or you could progress it just depends on that little baby! Well after some advise from my wonderful friend Dr. Megan and knowing that I had a very important weekend ahead of me... I went into semi bed rest or shall we say sit rest! lol My friends were amazing!! They wouldnt let me do anything! Our goal was to keep baby in! So I sat a lot! If you know we at all this was VERY hard for me! I was hosting the rehearsal dinner for the wedding party at my house and I just had to sit and watch my friends get things ready for me! What a blessing that I have such wonderful girls but defiantly very humbling!! Sooo the wedding festivities continued as planned... dinner, mani/pedis, and on Sunday October 23rd we were so blessed to be in our dear friends Shawn and Candace's wedding. It was a wonderful day of joy and laughter and lots of sitting! :) Well since I made it through the wedding with no baby yet as the music started at the reception it was game on! I was done sitting and figured baby could come anytime now! So we danced, and danced and danced!! Well... my Braxton Hicks contractions started to get very consistent and a bit stronger. They were every 1-2 minutes apart lasting about 45 secs. At first I didnt even notice since I had been having them almost my whole third trimester. But after a while we decided that maybe we should get our things and start heading back to Downey (the wedding was in beautiful Temecula). So off we went! We had my own little entourage with us! (Kristin, Brooke and Josh, Megan and Christian). As we got closer to Downey things continued so we decided to go to the hospital to be checked out. I was set up in a triage room and monitored for about 4 hours. After many laps of walking the labor and delivery floor they said that my contractions werent intense enough and sent me home! The nurse told me that when I coudlnt walk or talk through a contraction then I should come in. I was a bit discouraged... How would I know when they were real contractions! (HAHAHAHA yea all you moms out there can laugh with me). Soo the next couple of days i spent running errands and walking... a lot! Then on Wednesday October 26th I was just 39 weeks and we had a doctors appointment. I took that day off work and just enjoyed a lazy morning with the hubby! Our appointment was in the afternoon and the doctor told me that I was 4cm and 80% effaced. She said that I would probably deliver in the next few days. This was nothing too new... at my 38th week appt they had told me pretty much the same thing so I was like ya ya ya whatever!! So we left the appointment and I told Sam I was in the mood for some comfort food!! So we went to Rite-Aid and got my favorite ice cream, Chocolate Malted Crunch. Since I have really been in early labor since Sunday I was playing the waiting game! A good friend related it to a bomb waiting to explode! Lol Well after walking the entire Rite-Aid store with our ice cream we headed home. Took a walk around the block then decided we werent going to make it to church that evening. Kristin called and offered to come over and make us dinner. Sam and Christian were here hanging too! We had a great dinner... no changes yet! Sam then escorted me as we walked laps through our house. I was over those and feeling kinda silly walking the house so Kristin suggested I vacuum! What a great idea!! I got the living room done, my bedroom and down the hall into the nursery and then it happened! My first REAL contraction! I knew there was something different!! OUCH!!! lol soo I kept vacuuming and then... it hit again!! Yes very close together. So I calmly walked into the dining room where Sam was and asked him to find the paper we got in our Labor class about how to deal with the pain. Before he could even understand what I was asking I was having another contraction. We tried a few different positions to ease the pain but NOTHING was working. At this point it was about 6:30pm and I said we needed to head to the hospital! So off we went!! We quickly got to the hospital and the same receptionist that checked me in on Sunday night was there. She said huh you look a little different this time! lol and that she would hurry and get me in! I was checked and showing at 5cm. I asked if I could please get my epidural! LOL she said it would take about an hour!! OMG! ok here we go!! The pain was A LOT so I asked for some Advil... lol yes you can laugh again! At 7:45pm my nurse Melissa (best nurse ever) offered me some Nubain at this point. I went ahead and took it. It didnt take the pain away but it gave me some rest between contractions. I was also told that I would be getting my epidural soon and that I would have to hold totally still for the 15 minutes he was doing the procedure! 15 MINUTES!!! with these contractions!! Thanks the Lord that I was able to get the Nubain cause if not there would have been no way I would have made it! So at 8:45pm I successfully received my epidural, and the pain was gone, the only side effect was shaky arms) and was checked again. I was now at 8cm so they decided that they would break my water. When they did this there were signs of meconium so the NICU was informed and would be there when i delivered incase the baby had ingested anything. We waiting a little bit to allow me to continue to progress. Patty brought Sam and Kristin sodas to keep them awake. Grammy (my mom) was sitting reading her favorite book and Grandma (Sam's mom) came in to say hi. Grandad (my dad) brought everyone porto treats to share. I was checked again at 10:45pm and was 10cm. Makenna was not down far enough for me to start pushing to we began rotating me from side to side to see if that would encourage her to move down. Its now 11:30pm and time to push! WHOOHOO!! So exciting to know that she was almost here!! Well the pushing started and kept going, and going, and going... I pushed for two hours and that little lady was not coming. Dr. Gray came in around 1:30am and asked if I wanted a little help. He explained to us the vacuum tool that he could use to help get her out. We agreed it was a good idea since I was wiped out!! Three more pushes and a few seconds of the vacuum and our little bundle of joy was here!! Makenna Marie Torres was born at 1:48am on Thursday October 27, 2011 (Her and Auntie Kristin share the same birthday which I think is soo cool) She was 6 pounds and 6 oz. and 19 inches long. 
She is simply precious!! The NICU team was able to get all of the meconium out of her and she was as healthy as can be! Daddy got to enjoy her while the doctor finished up with me.
                                           Then it was mommy's turn! :)
                                                 We are soo blessed!!
It is so crazy! One minute you arent a mommy and the next you are! It took a while for the reality of it all to set in. We were both overwhelmed with an amazing love for this little person and was now our world! 

Life has been so much fun! We got to enjoy her first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! We are watching her grow and change into such a happy little lady! Her personality is beginning to form and we fall more in love with her everyday (if its possible! lol) We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends who are here walking this journey with us! There for an encouraging phone call or text, a dinner, or just to love on our little one! All glory to the Lord for this amazing addition to our family and the joy and love that comes with her!