Wednesday, June 1, 2011

18 Weeks of Fun!!

I am 18 weeks and baby is the length of a bell pepper! :) This was a fun week. On Saturday we had a craft day at my house. A bunch of ladies came over to work on craft projects they wanted to get done. I started the baby's scrapbook.

It was a blast! We also got a little silly! My friend Stacey started to  looked up all of the gender wifes tales. We started with the spoon and knife one (thanks to Claudia's cuban in-laws) In this one you have two pillows. Someone places a spoon in one pillowcase and a knife in the other. Then the mom to be in brought into the room and she sits on a pillow. If she sits on the spoon, then the baby is a girl. If she sits on the knife the baby is a boy. I sat on the spoon! :) My friend Ann, who is also expecting, was there too! She sat on the knife!

The next gender test we did was the sting of my hair tied onto my wedding ring. In this tale the mom to be lies on the ground while a person stands over her holding the hair with the ring on the end. If the ring begins to move in a circular motion, its a girl. If it sways back and forth its a boy! My ring went in a circular motion...girl again! At this point Sam is a little disappointed! By the way, Ann's test read boy! :)
Lastly, we checked the Chinese calendar and it said girl as well! hehe I am so glad that we will be finding out the gender with all of our family and friends this Saturday! The suspense is killing me!! I dont really have a preference, I just continue to pray for a healthy baby! 

As craft day continued a had one friend that got a little antsy! Candace decided she wanted to be a little crazy, so of course I let her! Here is what came of it! :)

We had a blast! Thanks so much friend! The pictures are adorable!! Also this week we had fun trying to find the baby's heartbeat. I borrowed a little monitor from my sister-in-law that you are supposed to set on your stomach and be able to hear the heartbeat. Well, Megan, Candace and I were all curled up on my bed with the headphones on moving this thing around to hear the heartbeat. This thing is fun but it picks up a ton of background noise. It was quite comical to have them poking that thing on my tummy to find it. We finally found it so Sam came in to hear. Now it is the 4 of us on our bed all hooked up to headphones listen to our little one. Its been a busy week and our ultrasound is tomorrow. Sam and I are looking forward to seeing our little bundle of joy! 

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