Monday, May 16, 2011

Family Camp

What a wonderful weekend we had fellowshiping with our church family. On Friday afternoon Sam and I, along with Megan and Christian and Eros headed to the 40th annual Family Camp. I have been going about 25 of those 40 years. So exciting! :) We were tenting it this year so we didnt have to deal with the whole borrowing a motor home or trailer. This year it was perfectly fine... but next year when we go with a 6 month old we will for sure to deal with making sure we are in a trailer! :) It was so nice to just sit around and relax. We slept in (a little bit) had services together as a church and then just spent the day fellowshiping with one another. It was so nice! It's a great way for our church body to build unity. We look forward to having our new addition to the family join us next year!!

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