Tuesday, October 25, 2011

38 Weeks and Reality Hits! :)

Yes!! Two weeks away from my due date of November 2nd. Wow!! Our pregnancy has gone by so fast. We are both anxious to meet our little lady. Everyone keeps asking me if I am over being pregnant... I am not really. Yes, I could get along without the trouble sleeping at night, the back pain and the waddling when I walk but I am very thankful to have had a great pregnancy. I have enjoyed every bit of it... hearing her heartbeat, feeling her kick, feeling her jiggle when she has the hiccups, lol, Sam talking to her or laying his head on my belly to hear her heartbeat. Having people come and say hello to Makenna and rub my belly or showing support through showing us with love and things to prepare us for her arrival. What an amazing experience this journey has been. I am also soo thankful for the loving arms that have been wrapped around us through each step. Family and friends from young to old have been loving on us as we prepare to bring this new life into the world. Lord, thank you for all the preparing you have done in Sam and I to be mommy and daddy!! Ok... getting emo... but I really wanted to share what was on my heart!! :)

  Soooo.... what's been going on in our lives these past few weeks...

My little brother got married!! WHoohoo! October 15! So crazy to watch your little brother say I do but it was a pleasure to be a part of their special day!!

Sam and I both got to be a part of Rob and Chelsey's bridal party! And Auntie KK was there as the wedding coordinator and to remind me to sit down and drink lots of water! :) It was a wonderful day!! 

October 15th was also a special day for another reason!! My friend Karla who I have mentioned in previous post is due 4 days before me. Here is a pic of us and our baby bumps at my baby shower...
Well as I am getting ready for my brother's wedding I get the news that she has delivered her baby girl!! Whoohoo!! I was so excited to hear that mommy and baby were very happy and healthy!! Then... the reality check came!! She was only due 4 days before me and her little bundle of joy is here!! That means that my little lady could be here any moment!! WOW!! For the last 9 months we have been talking about her and preparing for her... the reality had not yet hit me... and I still dont think that it completely has, but wow!! I will be holding my daughter at any moment now!! I began to stress about the timing of her arrival. My brother was getting married and we have really good friends getting married this next weekend and we are also blessed to be in the wedding. Would I get to experience these wonderful events?? What better moment to remember what a BIG, AMAZING God we serve. I was quickly reminded that it is in HIS hands. He knows the day and he knows the circumstances around us. He will bring her into the world as He has planned and it will be perfect! :)
So of course we went to visit Karla and baby Sophia in the hospital the next day!! She is so precious and I think looks just like her daddy!!

Then the adventure began!! Auntie KK and I were ready for an adventure! We had heard of an wives tale salad that was said to put woman into labor! lol Now let me say... I was not trying to get her to come out early! I know very well that this is just a wives tale and that our little lady will only come if she is ready, salad or not! But we had an afternoon with nothing going on so we decided to take the adventure to Studio City to taste the salad! 

We found it at the Caioti Cafe! We soon found out that their success rate was not very high, and sounded more like timing than actually success. We also found out that you do not have to sign a waiver to eat this salad (I had heard that you did have to sign something) and that the secret is not in the salad but in the balsamic dressing! We order a full order of the salad, which we shared, and a speciality pizza! The food was very yummy but did nothing but fill my tummy and give us a nice afternoon out! :)

Today, October 20th... we moved Rob and Chelsey into their new apartment!! I remember moving into our first apartment (which I dont miss one bit), but all the fun feelings that came from having our own place was fun and fun to get to experience with Rob & Chelsey today! 

We also saw the doctor today (Thursday 10/20)...
he was surprised to say that I was already 80% effaced and 2cm dilated.  He said that she could come anytime now and he didnt think I would make it all the way to November 2nd. WoW!!! Well our prayer is that we make it to Shawn and Candace's wedding this weekend! :)

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