Tuesday, October 25, 2011

39 Weeks!! Wedding #4 and a practice run!!

Let the wedding festivities begin!! :) Friday night was Candace's Bachlorette party! So fun! We went to a Comedy Club and then back to our house for dessert and presents! It was a wonderful night out celebrating the bride to be with all the ladies!

Saturday we got to continue the festivities! The fellas took Shawn to the desert to go shooting! They had a blast!! They came back with stories about how wonderful the day was! While they were out us ladies got breakfast together and then spent the morning getting manicures and pedicures! It was really nice!
As all of these festivities are taking place three of my wonderful girlfriends (Kristin, Megan , and Brooke) were very helpful in making me sit and relax. We knew how far progressed I was and wanted to be sure that we made it to the wedding on Sunday! It was so hard to just sit and let people help me... The Lord knew I was not the lady that would have dealt well with bed rest and I thank Him for a wonderful pregnancy. 
Saturday evening we hosted the rehearsal dinner here at our place. It was so nice to get everyone together. Shawn had friends here from TN and it was just nice to get everyone together to love and support Shawn and Candace. 
Sunday, Wedding Day!! Whoohoo!! It was a blast getting pampered with hair and make-up! It was a nice relaxing morning! 
It was such a beautiful day! We were soo thankful to be able to be a part of the celebration! :)
Sooo... we made it through the wedding so my "sitting" rest was over!! Time to get that little baby moving! :) We had a blast at the reception dancing and hanging out with everyone!!

Around 8:30pm I started to notice that my Braxton Hicks contractions, or what I thought were Braxton Hick contractions were getting very frequent. Around 9pm we decided that we would start heading back to Downey and track the contractions on the way home to see if they frequency stayed! Kristin rode with us and the Newmasters and Velazquez followed us! :) It took us about and hour and a half to get back to the Downey area and the whole way home my contractions were about 3 minutes apart so we decided to go straight to the hospital! 

We wondered how many expectant moms show up straight from a wedding with hair and make up done and all! lol Lets just say we were all looking good! Sam didnt even have time to change! haha

Well they took me back around 11pm to begin to monitoring me! They watched my contractions for about an hour and then checked me. I was 3cm so for the next hour they wanted me to walk. Sam and I did what seemed like 200 laps around the Labor and Delivery floor then decided to go into the waiting room where Kristin, the Newmasters, the Velazquez's, my parents and great gma was. As I walked the contractions were about every 2mins. apart. Getting a bit more intense but still very manageable.  

After an hour of walking they monitored me again and then checked me. I was between 3-4cms at this point. The nurse asked me a bunch of questions and then said she was going to call the doctor. We thought at this point it was the real deal and that they would admit us. By this time it is about 2:30am. The nurse comes back in and says that the doctor says that I should just go home. :/ Not gonna lie we were a little disappointed. We felt like this was it. So we went home and watched the contractions. We were both exhausted! It was very nice to get a full night sleep. On Monday we (Sam, I, Kristin, and Christian) did what we could to keep that baby moving! We went on a walk around the neighborhood, walked Best Buy, Costco, and Wal-Mart. We had spicy food for dinner too! My contractions were still there but very random! It seems as though I have stalled out! This is a great time to remember that the Lord's timing is PERFECT! He knows what we need and what Makenna needs. We are still walking and enjoying getting some rest before she arrives. We have a doctors appt tomorrow so we will see what is going on. :)
Please pray that we trust in God's timing and that the process will be pleasing to Him. 
We also want to thank our AMAZING family and friends so have been there for us! God is using you to be a blessing to us!! 

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