Wednesday, September 28, 2011

35 weeks and being showered!

1. How are you feeling?
 I am feeling great still! Most of the time I have my energy but I have noticed that I get tired and achey much quicker! lol
2. How far along are you?
 I'm 35 weeks!! Whoohoo! We can count the weeks on one finger!!
3. Have you had any weird cravings?
  I'm on a Honey Nut Cherrios and peanut butter and jelly kick right now! :)

We have been so blessed! Around 32 weeks our good friend Holly took some maternity pics for us! It was so much fun to just enjoy each other and my belly! Here are some of our favorites....

We also had our first shower! :) My amazing best friend hosted a beautiful afternoon with the help of some wonderful family and friends! Makenna is already one spoiled little lady! 

                                         It was a sweets party of course! :)

                                       the Jr. High girlies from church...
                     Lots of memories and stories came out of this table! Mirm (in the pink) was at my baby shower when my mom was expecting me and Auntie Brenda (in the red dress with the white shirt) was in the labor and delivery room when I was born! :) So cool! 
                                                       My girlies! :)

                            The onesie game! Each personalized just for Makenna! It was so hard                to pick a winner but the owl on the far right took the prize.
          Wow!!! Thank you Lord for placing such amazing woman of God in our lives. So much wisdom and guidance that I am sure will come in handy as we raise a little girl who we pray will walk in the Lord daily. 
                              Auntie KK! I dont know what I would do without her! She is truly 
                        a blessing to our family! Makenna is sooo lucky to have you!
                  3 generations... coming soon... 4 generations!! My moms first grand baby and my grandmas first great grand baby!! Love you grammy and gma! :)
                                          My wonderful mother-in-law! :) 
                                        Thank you Holly for everything! :)
                                      The mamas at 34 weeks!! Sooo fun!!
                                     my girls, my support, my encouragement!
                                      they love her so much already!
                                                    wonderful ladies! :)
                      family!! So blessed to have such love and support from my family! 
                       Love  you cousins very much!!
lots of memories and history with these ladies! :) Thanks for celebrating with me!

I was very thankful for Krisitn and Stacey who came over the next day during Sunday afternoon football to help me begin to organize the nursery! Its coming together!! We have our dresser, thank you Scott & Erica! This past weekend I was able to get a rocking chair and changing table from a good friend. Her and her mom even offer to make me cushions for the rocking chair that would match the nursery! :) I cant wait to see them! 

Special moments... 
Tonight Makenna got the hiccups and Sam and I lay in bed watching my tummy shake at each hiccup. We tried to get her to wiggle a bit more by putting a flashlight on my tummy... the light didnt seem to bother her too much. Sam laid his head on my tummy... he could hear her heartbeat!! Sooo cool!! She then wasnt too pleased that he was laying on her so she started kicking in in the head!! lol We thank the Lord for those moments that we can just enjoy each other and her! What a miracle this whole process is... the Lord created woman to grow his precious life in... it leaves me in awe... and I am so thankful to be able to experience this and have such a wonderful man by my side through the process!! :)

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