Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summa' Time & the Countdown!

Wow! Summer has been flying by! We are so blessed to be a part of all the fun and exciting things going on around us! :) It has been a while since I blogged so let me fill you in on what has been happening in the Torres home.

 Well it wouldnt be summer time unless we made a visit to the OC Fair! We enjoyed a little corn on the cob, an oversized sausage sandwich and of course desserts!

We also got to register for our little lady at Babies R Us! This was a blast but a little overwhelming at the beginning! I have never had a baby so I didnt know what she would NEED and what she could get by without. The bottle section alone took us 45mins to get through! It only took us 2 and 1/2 hours but I think that we got everything we might need to keep this little lady happy! 
They should not put the rockers half way through the store! It was a nice break but we had to keep moving! lol

Yeahhh!! We made it! :)

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation!! Whoohoo! It is always to nice to get away and just relax! We got to join my parents down in Dana Point for 5 days of just hanging out! We slept in, ate great food, and went for bike rides! It was just what we needed to recharge our batteries! 
                                                 the view from our room!
                                                   on our bike ride :)
                                                         good eats!
                                                   more good eats! :)
5 mile bike ride! 

Next, we got to celebrate with Mr. & Mrs. Sanchez as they became one! This is wedding #1of 4 this season and it was a beautiful wedding! Congrats Magen and Jared! :)

the ladies :)

                                                   the fellas causing trouble...

                                 Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes! Our favorite!

  Two days after the wedding we packed our bags and off to Hume Lake we go! Sam was a counselor for our church jr. high boys and I was an "extra" counselor. I did everything with the kids but I got to sleep in a cozy, comfy bed in the lodge. :) We had a blast! It was soo cool to watch the kids grow closer to the Lord and build unity with one another. They kids all learned so much and Sam and I were even reminded of the love that the Lord has for us and how important it is to put our trust in Him. :) The pics below will tell of our week...

   Sam and his boys ready for rec!
                     Sam having his first Hume milkshake! Cookies & Cream of course!
                              Sam tearing it up in the leaders vs. staff kickball game!
        Sam was a blobbing machine! I think he launched about 100+ kids this week!
                                                       The ladies!
                                Kristin and I being fatties on her "Happy Day!"
      Aww besties!
    the famous lake photo!

     Sam looks like Shrek after DyWars!

              Sam on the High Adventure Course! He is def going to be the one to teach          Makenna to be adventurous! 

As you can see life has been busy but soo amazing! We have totally been enjoying our time together as a couple before we add to our family! Things with the business are also coming along! We are ready to sign a lease on a building!! WHOOHOO! Now we will submit our paperwork to the city to approve! Pray that this process is speedy! We have also started our labor prep classes at the hospital! Only 10 more weeks till we get to meet our little girl! (If she waits till 40 weeks) :) Sam's prediction is that she will come early! lol I am feeling great! I have started to notice more back pain... cant sit very long or stand very long. Lots of pillows!!! The doctor is content with my weight and the way that the baby is measuring is right on track. I also was very relived to have passed my glucose and iron tests at our last doctors visit! :) Praise be to God for a wonderful and healthy pregnancy thus far! We pray this continues till I am holding that little one in my arms!  I think thats all for now! I will try to post more regularly! :)

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