Tuesday, August 2, 2011

27 weeks and overwhelmed

I have so much running through my mind I thought that must meant it was time to blog. We often hear the work overwhelmed and assume the negative. Overwhelmed with all that life can bring. I am overwhelmed, but with the positive. I see how the Lord is and has been working in our lives so far this year and my mind daily goes to the song...


I am nothing, yet You bid me
Come to You, o Lord Almighty
As I come I'm overwhelmed with You.
Humbly now I break the silence
As I'm weeping in Your presence
I'm so wretched, overwhelmed with You.


Your blood of redemption
Is covering my shame (echo)
Your voice that shakes the heavens
Is whispering my name (echo)
As You catch my tears with Your nail-scarred hand
I'm overwhelmed, I'm overwhelmed with You.
I'm overwhelmed, I'm overwhelmed with You.


I am nothing, yet You bid me
Come to You, o Lord Almighty.

We do not deserve the blessings that the Lord gives us daily. Health, family, friends, food on the table, laughter, shelter over our heads... but yet he blesses. It overwhelmes me the awesome God we serve. 
 This year began with prayers about starting a family. I was not ready and was not willing to allow the Lord to change that part of my heart. I thought I knew better... through my prayers and the patients of the Lord with me I was able to surrender that fear and control to him and he has blessed us beyond what I could have imagined. Within weeks of confirmation from the Lord telling me that it was time to start a family we find out that we are expecting. WOW! The Lord knows best. Since then it was been an overwhelming adventure. I was blessed with a long term sub job that pushed me to be a better teacher. Now that the summer is here I am able to see the Lord's work not only in us but the people around us. Magen and Jared get married Aug 12th. The showers and fun that have led up to this has been great. We will soon be showering Karla as she prepares to welcome baby girl Sophia into the world just a few days before Makenna is due. Ann and Dan will be expecting baby #2 at the end of August. It has been fun to be prego with a friends. In September we will be showered with love by family and friends as we prepare for our little bundle of joy. This just in!! My little brother is getting married October 16... time to enjoy the showers and preparation for that day to come. Then.... I know right?!? there is more joy and excitement to come... Sam and I get to stand with Shawn and Candace on October 23rd as they become husband and wife. Then.... I hope that baby Makenna holds out till her due day November 2nd when we will get to finally meet our little lady! Ohh not to mention opening a business among all of this! We are blessed!! 
  Well, I am now 27 weeks and headed into my 3rd trimester. WHOOHOO!! Its crazy to think that we are almost there!! I have been overwhelmed by this process. I praise the Lord that I have had a good pregnancy! I feel great and am enjoying every minute of it. She is soooo active. The minute I sit or lay down I can feel her kicking and stretching and moving. There are no words to describe those moments! Overwhelmed is all I can say! I pray for her and thank the Lord for entrusting one of his children to us. I pray that she will see her mommmy and daddy's hearts for the Lord and walk in His ways! Ok i think that is all for now!! Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you!! I hope that you are blessed today!

<3 Mama Torres

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