Tuesday, July 5, 2011

23 Weeks & Summer Time!!!

WHOOHOO!! Summer is finally here!! It has been so nice to be home and getting things done. God is soo good! It is not the best situation that Sam is still unemployed, (not too much longer as we will be opening a business by the end of the summer, God willing) but I thank the Lord for the time he is giving us to be husband and wife. I know that this November life is going to change a bit... and God has given us this summer to just enjoy being us before Makenna gets here. We are so excited to be mommy and daddy but really appreciating this time together. What a good God we serve! He always gives us what we need! :)
    Our summer has been busy already and I am loving it. We got to see our younger cousin Devin graduate from High School! We are so proud!

We also got to celebrate our niece Brianna turning 3 year old! She is such
a joy to us both!

4th of July BBQ at our house!

 A good friend of my Ann is also expecting and we are enjoying going through this process together! We had a little fun on the 4th and took some baby bump shots..

In addition to all that my tummy is growing bigger everyday!! I am 23 weeks and loving every minute of it! Makenna is an active little lady. Sam has just started to feel the bubble like movements on my tummy. So fun! She is the weight and the length of a 1 lb box of sugar. Our sweetie! 

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